Neutral Puppet Set (Basic)

£500.00 excl. VAT

  • Set of five basic neutral puppets.
  • Designed for the sweet spot between economy and durability
  • Made from attractive, durable, cream heavy cotton drill fabric (other colours are available on request).
  • 61cm tall.
  • Feet and hands are weighted, which makes them feel very nice to use.
  • No internal armature, but have a knee which will bend the right way when the leg is lifted.
  • Operating sticks fitted for the head and base of back.

Every drama teacher will have noticed the explosion of puppetry into mainstream theatre over the last few years. Warhorse, Life of Pi and Totoro are just a few examples. Strangeface has developed these Bunraku puppets for schools, colleges and practitioners as an affordable resource to explore this exciting dramatic form.

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